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“For a perfect developmental plan, we put into consideration; Education, Health and Technology.” (Philemon O’Arpelleh, CEO, Oxelle)

Who doesn’t agree that Education, Health and Technology are essentially important in every developmental plan? Well, even my Junior High School Pupils agree, so why not?

This is what the team at Oxelle is committed to. We are consumed by the desire to feed our audience with enriched contents on Education, Health and Technology.

So what about Oxelle and who are we at Oxelle?

Oxelle® is an Educational Web Portal that shares relevant info on interesting topics with focus on Education, Health and Technology. We are a team of qualified writers and are professionals in the fields of Technology, Health and Education.

There is a mission we are dedicated to―and this is coded in our DNA. To rise above all in education and motivation, to be Ghana’s first Education Media Group, to correct human-related problems through writing and publishing. To rise above all, in Ghana, Africa and the world at large. Yes, Educating, not just Publishing!

We are Team Oxelle.

Welcome to Oxelle. This is where we believe the internet should be the best haven for everyone; the safest place to explore, the most convenient place to get educated, as well as an excellent environment to connect.

Complexity coupled with bad folks on the internet seems to twist the purpose of the internet as technology advances. But we are not carried away by such ‘renowned’ negative mentality because we are resolved to achieve our vision.

As a group of like-minded experts in Human studies, we focus our attention on Education, Technology, Health with focus on Humans and all the essentials of life during our research and publishing. We also write on: Food & Drinks, Entertainment, Sports, Fashion, Government (but not Politics), Culture and many others.


Oxelle seeks to correct some of the problems related to humanity as well as the use of our modern technology through publishing of educative information in our dedicated digital magazine. This Magazine is published twice a year and the first will be released in July, 2019. It is interesting to note that: all digital copies of Oxelle Magazine are available for FREE DOWNLOAD for now.

However, hard copies of the same Magazine are Charged at Small Subscription Fees.

The first publication in every year, ALPHA, (published in January) comes with a collection of issues from July – December of the previous year. The second (final publication for each year), covers issues from January – June (published in July of the same year) and comes with the name OMEGA.

Our Digital Magazine covers three essential areas in life; Education, Technology and Health with focus on Humans. All articles in our Magazine are shaped to cover these vital collections. General articles are included depending on trending relevance.

As we are very much interested in facts and security, we debunk hoaxes, pranks and scams as well as making deep research into the social media and general cyber trends. We believe the internet should be a better place for all of our human family and not an environment of junk collections.

It’s our aim that, in the next few years, the impact of our articles will hit the Ghanaian society, positively, to develop our Human Resource. This will then extend to Africa and the world at large.

Team Oxelle: Philemon O’Arpelleh (Philarpy), CEO. David Banaaleh (Kingdave), Chief Editor, Paa Kwesi Mensah (Kwesmens), Editor, Kwabena Sarfo-Kantanka (Kobby), and Charles Evans Nyamekye (Giov’Honey) are both members of our Authoring and Publishing Staff.

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