What about Telegram Channel? Well, before we dive into it, let us learn more about audience reach on social messengers. One of usefulness of social messengers (apps) is their power to help you reach your audience, both old and new, and Telegram is no exception. While many have not come to realize the true nature and importance of the Telegram platform, still many others think it’s nothing more than an overtaken messenger.

Well, the app may not be popular among many smartphone users in most countries or regions, but not all. Infact, well researched reports claim Telegram is more popular among some class of users for its low data usage and optimization for areas with slower network coverages.

All said, what powerful tools does Telegram offer to its publishers to help them reach global audience? Telegram, just like other apps, has Group and Channel support. You may be well familiar with groups, at least for WhatsApp chats (if not, then I’m sorry). So then, what’s a Telegram Channel? A Channel is a tool that allows publishers to push messages to a large audience. It works like WhatsApp broadcasting but much more easier to use, extensive and above all, powerful!

For Telegram, there’s an option for joining Channels via unique Channel links which can easily be shared on other platforms or even from website menus or action buttons. For a user to access the contents of a particular Channel, they need to join the membership (broadcast list) via the Channel link. No need to be connected with the Channel’s administrative account or the publisher’s profile on Telegram.

Once a user joins the Channel, they are immediately set to receive broadcasts from the Channel. Any content fed into the Channel is delivered to all members instantly. Channel stats are always available for publishers; members (number of subscribers) and total Channel content views.

As a blogger or publisher you can use the power of this new Telegram tool to reach a large audience, both old and new. How? Register one of your business numbers on Telegram, create a new Channel and start publishing to your audience. Telegram supports multiple channels. You can post excerpts of your articles and include a link that draws your audience to your blog or website.

At any point in time you can check the number of active members subscribed to your Channel and the number of views for your content on Telegram. What are you waiting for? Let’s get your first Channel up and running (Follow this article for assistance).

Are you a publisher? Have you tried this powerful tool before? Let us read your comments on this article.

Philemon O'Arpelleh

Philemon O'Arpelleh (Philarpy) is the Founder (CEO) of Oxelle Media. He is a young talented Professional Teacher, Tech Writer & works part time as a Graphics & Web Designer. Currently, he's working as a Web Designer @PMP. He simply loves Research & Publishing.

Mobile: (+233) 20 228 4040 (WhatsApp)
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  • Nice Article. Telegram has been one of the most important platforms,for me to reach more audience, as a publisher. This article will surely help many publishers out there.

  • Eye opening! I didn’t consider I could do more with Telegram than just chatting and sharing media files and documents until I read this article today. It has truly proven to be an eye opening article. Now I can use my Telegram account more profitably by harnessing the power of its channels.

    Thank you very much, @Philarpy.

    • Thanks a lot, Joe, for reading our article. We’re glad you find it very helpful. We hope you will harness the power of Telegram channels to reach more audience online!

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