I received this from tiGo:

Dear Customer,

We’ve announced our intent to merge with Airtel.
Together we would harness our resources to deliver more value to you.
Pending government approval, we will continue to work as separate entities.

Read more at bit.ly/tigomerger

Have you heard of the said Tigo/Airtel Merger?

Well, I read a bit about it and want to share it with you.

Tigo says its giant group, Millicom has signed a 50% : 50% partnership agreement with Airtel to combine their operations in Ghana. This is a joint entity partnership. While the agreement has been signed, the partnership itself is not yet finalized. It is subject to regulatory approval from the government – which may take several months.

Meantime, Tigo and Airtel are now functioning, and will continue to function, as separate entities independent on each other until the partnership is given the green light by the government of Ghana.

What are some of the benefits of this giant merge?

Consolidation is good news for customers who would get improved coverage, improved customer experience and a bigger combined network of customers.

Customer would benefit from a state of the art network with high speed mobile data coverage as well as innovative and competitively priced services.

With the combined fibre footprint and increased Data Centres, Enterprise customers including both large corporations and SMEs, would have access to a diverse portfolio of world class solutions.

Mobile Financial Services would be greatly enhanced with combined agent networks and platforms. – says Tigo

For more questions on the Tigo/Airtel Merge, follow this link to read the full official report on the official Tigo website.

Via | Tigo Ghana Official

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