Yes, the company, WhatsApp Inc. has announced via a FAQ post that WhatsApp is exploring ways for its users to communicate with their connected business accounts. And this is also spotted in the new Beta version for iOS and Android.

According to WABetaInfo  the latest Android beta app for WhatsApp has all the clues. In version 2.17.285, a tip of the iceberg is revealed. Business accounts are verified by a green badge with a white check mark beside their names with their details below the businesses profile images.

Image Credit: WABetaInfo/NDTV

If a user already has the business’ contact saved in their list, that name appears with the green verified badge otherwise the official name which was veried by the business appears with the verification badge. A user gas the option to block the business profile as with any other contact on their list.

When businesses communicate with customers on WhatsApp, the chats are displayed in yellow texts. There’s no option to delete such chat (messages) for security purposes.

This major update is made possible by WhatsApp’s server update which allows a one time synchronization between it’s improved server and the users. According to WhatsApp’s own post, the updated server, Uni-Sync, saves all data of the business profile in its server’s database so that there won’t be any need to download such data in the future.

It is said that very soon a public announcement of the new business profiles and application of WhatsApp will be announced within the next four (4) months.

However, WhatsApp Inc. says currently, only few business profiles are verified. A Quote Here: “WhatsApp business verification is currently limited to a small number of businesses participating in a pilot program“.

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