“You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?…”
Galatians 3:1

The company of a supposedly “insane person” is sharply despised by all, until you have one that is intricately associated to you, then you will appreciate the company of the “insane”.

We seem to be unfortunate to belong to a society that allows situations to fester before we open our arms and ask, how did it happen? Ranging from security to simple safety precautions, we have failed where proactivity and pragmatism matters.

To set myself apart from the many who wait for the cat to get loose before they find out which part of the bag was breached, I bring to the attention of the entire Ghanaian society- from the President to the palm-wine tapper- “the tramadol time bomb that is ticking, awaiting explosion

My little and not farfetched investigations, revealed that the tramadol drug is an analgesic (pain killer) that is normally prescribed for patients who have gone through a situation that gives them excruciating pain. For instance, patients who have gone through surgical operations, accident patients, etc.


Shockingly, people have given the drug multiple tasks that the manufacturer is oblivious of. I was so set aback when I learnt that sexually active youth and adults who are at the embers of their sexual potency alike abuse the drug for sexual enhancement. Since when did people realize that tramadol is a sexual booster for their sapped sexual energies?

The first, being the lighter to the entire abuse of the tramadol drug, it has become a common practice for people to take the drug to get “high”. I have over the years asked myself whether we will for some time walk leftwards if we stayed “low”.

The euphoria in staying high may at the moment seem worth having but when you set on the voyage of descending, you will sink lower than your normal low.

The third, poignantly being the desire to serve the society and eke a living out of it, unnecessarily necessitated the abuse of the tramadol drug. From where I sojourn currently (Damongo), I have heard of a lot of farmers who take the drug to triple their energy in order to cover a cavernous acreage per day.

It will be a complete mischief if I should liken this sacrifice to that of Christ to justify accolades like “for farmers love the society that they gave their only precious life, so whosoever finds their products on the market, would not famish but have everlasting satisfaction”.


If measures are not put in place to foil this time bomb, the country will soon be in a situation that we don’t have the capacity to contain. Considering the good for not enough mental health system in the country, the state may not be able to contain it if the abuse of tramadol has mental health consequences.

More so, if the drug has a range of health consequences such as liver and kidney damages, sexual impotency, is our general health system in a position to manage the situation?


In my unsophisticated view, I opine that the sale of the drug be regulated. Maybe its sale was permitted at all pharmacy shops because it never posed any threat to the society, however, its threats is staring glaringly at our faces.

Secondly, there should be education on its usage and consequences. The NCCE and Narcotics Board could collaborate to educate the citizenry on the dangers of abusing the drug as they have been doing on psychoactive drugs like marijuana.

It is obvious that we have a pending explosive situation at hand. Our proactivity in stipulating pragmatic steps to forestall any untoward consequences will be judged by the larger society as an act of wisdom.

stitch in time, they say, saves nine.



Kwabena Sarfo-Kantanka, Kobby is a great Psychologist with an in-depth knowledge about human nature.
He loves writing engaging articles on education, human nature and behaviour. He is committed to writing motivational articles.

Email: kobby@oxelle.com

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