This thing was on social media, it faded away and now seems to be resurrected. It’s here once again but just a hoax!

Below is a screenshot of the WhatsApp version:

What about this?

It’s nothing but a hoax. This is one of many false claims that maintain that some food items and drugs have been contaminated with poison and alleged to have killed people. Such messages are meant to kill the popularity of rising brands, products and food items; including but not limited to drinks and biscuits.

The fact is, if the claims in the message displayed above were true, the FDA would have published an official document to warn consumers and declare a recollection of the food. From the first appearance of this ‘warning message’ to date, nothing of that sort, a confirmation from FDA or a recollection of the biscuits, has been effected.

Further, if death cases really resulted from consumption of the said biscuits, official news outlets, authentic websites, would have published updates on the issue. It won’t be a ‘hidden news’ but rather one boldly headlined to create public awareness.

Since we could not find any official report to confirm the claims in the message, it remains a hoax. Yes, with certainty, because the message has been alive for years and no credible official document supports the claims.

You must not help to spread lies, it will only spark and reignite fear and panic among current consumers of the said biscuits and potential ones as well.

How should this message be treated? : A hoax!

Philemon O'Arpelleh

Philemon O'Arpelleh (Philarpy) is the Founder (CEO) of Oxelle Media. He is a young talented Professional Teacher, Tech Writer & works part time as a Graphics & Web Designer. Currently, he's working as a Web Designer @PMP. He simply loves Research & Publishing.

Mobile: (+233) 20 228 4040 (WhatsApp)

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