Hoax is “a false warning about something dangerous” or “an attempt to make people believe something that is not true” as defined by the Long Man Dictionary Of Contemporary English (LDoCE).

The internet, from times past until now, has been the major site for hoaxes where bad guys sit down, frame anything enticing or “made-believe” stories and publish. There are always inexperienced internet users who will help to spread these false information within seconds without even thinking about the source of the message and its authenticity—and just within a few hours or days, the whole web will be flamed with “this” or “ that”.

Internet hoax, just like false rumors, causes fear and panic in a way that seems to affect the behavior of the readers in a negative way. Knowing that the internet is used by people of diverse attitude and intentions can help an internet user to better understand that not all information found on the internet is true. There are always false rumors or hoaxes—this calls for smartness.

Being smart on the internet will help us to kill false rumors and destroy internet hoaxes. There are a whole lot of false information on the internet usually coming from bloggers who will publish anything just to catch the attention of internet users to drive more traffic to their site.

The fact is “believing anything on the internet defines you as inexperienced or worse still stupid” Common sense teaches us to look into every bit of information published online and make sure it comes from an authentic or reputable source. Before you believe any “news” on the internet, be sure it’s from a genuine source―where genuine means a reputable website known by many to be free of malicious information.

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The following standards will help to reduce the spread of false rumors and internet hoax:

  • Don’t just believe anything on the internet just because it’s on the internet, common sense and experience teach us that some news on the web are malicious information, enticing and “made-believe”.
  • If you receive any news or information of which you are not sure of its source, don’t forward even if the message instructs you to. Most hoaxes are spread through social networks and messenger Apps or via emails. Before you share, make sure it’s true—from a genuine source not just because it’s on the “net” as described earlier.
  • It would also help if you could send any information with a source link to help your readers better know the source of the information. Never copy and share raw news without a source link and never believe any news without a source link immediately, research and be sure of authenticity.

Anybody who knows me, knows about this short phrase “source please”—just to be sure the news or information I am about to read, reading or just read is worth believing. I always need a source link to confirm the original source of any information I receive, be it messenger Apps or via social sites. It will help you and all of us if we follow the same principle (I am not saying you should be like me).

Please Note: Not all news with links or with traceable sources are true. Some websites, mostly those of traditional bloggers may be full of manufactured stories. Always research about the website or blog to make sure all what is published there are true or better still, an established fact.

PLEASE: feed us with any suspected hoax, internet rumor, any news you think is a prank or known hoax for research purposes. Use the WhatsApp Number (+233) 20 228 4040.

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Philemon O'Arpelleh

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