Hello Guys! My name is Sina Banda. I live in Half Assini, in the Western Region of Ghana. I am a student and also an I.T Support Consultant. I have been working with Technology for the the past Five(5) years.

As a young guy, I have always loved to be financially free. This vision of financial freedom has resulted in a lot of research made by me on how to earn money online. I found a whole lot of information that did not help. I almost gave up in searching for “HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE“.

On the 2nd of August, 2017, a friend of mine called Mr. Alfred Ebate, who doubles as my mentor introduced me to a system called MMM. I  didn’t want to believe him but one side of me was pushing me to try it. I joined the system and I made a deposit of 30GH. On the 28th of that same month, I made a profit of 100GH…..WOOOOW. And I was likeOMG, MMM REALLY PAYS”


MMM is a mutual aid community of people providing financial help to each other on their own free will. The help you provide will grow at a rate of 30% per month. MMM is not a bank, it is not a fraud, it is real. With MMM, there is an opportunity for Financial freedom.

Watch a testimonial video about MMM at the top section of this post. 

Visit: MMM (click)

Call me on +233240316670 and let me show u how to register or go to my Landing Page (click).



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