A hungry man, they say, is an angry man! Though there’s an abundant evidence that indicates that moderate expression of anger has a survival value, one may not be far from the truth to suggest that chronic or extreme anger is one of the greatest enemy of humanity in this present highly sophisticated technological world.

But, the “Doubting Thomases” may still ask, ” What is anger?” The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English defines the nomenclature “anger” as “a strong feeling of wanting to harm or criticize someone because they have done something unfair, cruel, offensive etc.”

Anger expressions are varied and common in every nook and cranny of our society in recent times. Violent crimes such as terrorism, armed robbery, cyber attacks, domestic violence, child abuse, vulgar and unpalatable language on our media landscape, frequent strike actions as well as demonstrations/labour unrest are all manifestations of extreme anger in our society.

What causes anger?

The causes of anger are weird and sometimes beyond human comprehension. According to Biblical history, “An unseen force popularly known as Devil or Satan is behind much of the harmful episode of anger on the planet Earth”. The explanation to this view is that, at the start of humankind’s history, a rebellious spirit creature called “Satan”, which in Hebrew means “resistor” or “adversary” turned against the Almighty God.

Many theologians are of the view that most anger is orchestrated by satan and can only be resolved through prayer and fasting. Do you agree? Well, opinions, they say, are like noses!

Ironically, scientists admit that the phenomenon of anger is still poorly understood. There is however, an agreement among mental-health professionals that all of us react to certain “anger triggers” and that anger is implicated in most cardiovascular infections including hypertension/high blood pressure as well as heart attacks.

To add more insults to injury, anger is implicated in the rampant completed suicide and attempted suicide cases we continue to witness.

What is an anger trigger?

An anger trigger may be something that frustrates or annoys someone. These triggers often result from injustice or unfairness meted out to people in society. Anger triggers can occur when we feel slighted, such as through insult or disrespect.

Additionally, an imagined threat to a person’s authority or reputation can stir up feeling of anger. Many psychologists are of the view that frustration leads to hostility and that, any organism inelastically frustrated may result in anger expression as a defence mechanism.

Interestingly, anger triggers are an individualized events and hence vary from person to person. They differ with age and gender and even from one culture to another. Reactions to these triggers also vary. For instance, some people seldom get angry and quickly get over an affront while others are easily provoked and may hold on to anger for days, weeks, months or longer. Medical experts caution that chronic/extreme anger is highly injurious to personal health.

Ironically, it is conspicuous that our modern technological driven society is filled with potential anger triggers and sensitivity to these triggers may be rising astronomically. One reason is the thoughtless, me-first spirit that is ever present in our day.

When self-centered people do not get their own way, anger is often the result. Apart from that, technological addiction and cyber attacks leading to poor internet services/accessibility may result in more frustration and anger going forward.

There are equally other reasons why anger may be a growing problem across the globe including:

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David Banaleeh

Popularly known as Kingdave, David Banaaleh is a prolific writer and a budding psychologist.
He pioneered the Network of Budding Psychologists (NetBuPs), a psychological movement of young people who believe in the philosophy of innate goodness of humanity.

David is currently the Founder/CEO of the Generational Advocates for Psycho-Solutions (GAPS), a group of young psychologists who believe in the use of psychological principles in solving some of the social problems in Africa & the world at large.

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