I used to believe we’re 1(one) people, but I was wrong.

We’re, but one group of people divided, one against the other like Palestinian nations.
I used to believe we’re merely different branches, tribes, religions shooting from the same family 3(tree),
But I was wrong about that 2(too).
Because, what the news bulletin reported yesterday was un(4)tunate.
The news said: “A mob usurped the 5-O(police),
Lynched and barbecued the body of an innocent soul,
Served it an instant justice,
And, dished it on the cameras of their phones to feed the eyes of the world.

Well, maybe I’m a coward, but I admit my pupils failed to dilate past the difficult questions posed to my mind as I stole glimpses at the unpleasant scenery of one of us being meted such in-just-6.
Surely, now he’s dead and gone; the military guns will salute his corpse;and finally, maybe, he shall rest in peace.
But, what about us?
Can we go back to our lives and equally live in peace?
Maybe, not.
Because, now the lives of 1,2,3,4,5,6 are threatened by 7, since the last time 7 ate(8) 9 and walked away with impunity:
Since the last time 7 h(8)ed on 9, and the law found him “not guilty”.

You see, day in, day out, we’re being 10(ed) against ourselves,
By the so-called Rule of Law that fails to rule out the outlaws.
Gradually, none of us is the other’s keeper.
The irrelevance of our lives have been under_scored;
You don’t know who would be your sniper.
We say, “Each one for himself, God for us all”.
So, each one is looking first to satisfy their own need- their own greed.
We’re no longer living life;we’re playing life- Assassin’s Creed.
Let’s acknowledge it: THIS PLACE IS HARDLY A HOME NOW; IT’S A JUNGLE where only the fittest survive.
But, let’s not forget that only cats have nine lives.
But, we’re only humans-
We only live once.

So, please, if you ever have the opportunity to pull the trigger,
Kindly, hesitate and remember this:
Your role is to be my keeper, not my sniper.

*RIP* ,Captain Maxwell Mahama.
*LIP* , my dear neighbour.



Popularly known as Giov'Honey, N. Charles Evans, is one of Ghana's finest writers with focus on impacting positively.

He holds many outstanding titles to his name with a well recognized reputation in the writing space. He's aspiring to be one of the world's best writers.

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