The resplendence of the Kings appearance illumined the whole place as he sat in his exquisite throne. Melodies emanated from all corners; the Holy, Holy, Holy … Holy is the Lord being sung by the angels were stylishly responded by the numerous dazzling flowers. Their collaboration produced an angelic symphony which all and sundry savoured.

In accordance with the melodies, the elders, donned in unblemished snowish robes bowed in worship to the King. The brightness of their robes met the rhythmic glitter of the throne which gave off lovely sparkles. Three steps away from the throne were we seated in rows directly opposite him, waiting to be deployed to the earth in the form of babies. The King readjusted himself in his throne to assume the position of nobility and beckoned for a great book to be opened.

By and by as names were being mentioned, hands were stretched; dreams, aspirations, characters, temperaments were received as a neatly folded statutes. Finally it got to my turn; Africa, and it was Ghana to be precise. “Push! Push! Push!” That was the exact confusing sound I heard. And here I came, with a big burst greeting of cry. I ceased crying not because of the soothingness of the hand that robbed my back but hastily catching myself in hope that “all is well”.

Nicely wrapped in a white cloth, visitors flooding my countenance, songs, drumming and merry making at the background, it was my eighth day on earth and I was going to be given an earthly identity, that’s what they said. “Nsuo a nsuo, nsa a nsa”, signifying truth and candour. Kofi Boakye, you are welcome to the Agona family. We pray and bless you to become an eminent personality to this family, the society, the country and to the world at large.

Of course, reciprocating with a humble gleam to such kind words was appropriate which was generously accompanied with the bubbling of my mouth that spread saliva all over his face. With maturation in motion, proximodistal and cephalocaudal developments also on the move, all the elements in me were girding to be manifested. Oh how things abruptly turned poignant.

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Kwabena Sarfo-Kantanka, Kobby is a great Psychologist with an in-depth knowledge about human nature.
He loves writing engaging articles on education, human nature and behaviour. He is committed to writing motivational articles.


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