“Watching Pornography is like putting one end of a metal rod into a fire and holding the other, in the end you’ll get burnt!” ~ Philemon O’Arpelleh.

How true those words are! Yes, watching pornography is not a harmless fun but a harmful practice, an addiction that can stay for years, and the scars of its wounds (damage) can be seen for years. What is your personal view of watching pornography? Well, consider these; you cannot watch pornography on your office desktop, at a public internet cafe neither can you watch it with your wife over your shoulders or even in the presence of your friends! Yes, you will only feel comfortable watching it at the darkest corner of your room, or another similar hideout!

Why? Because you know others’ respect for you will die off if you are caught in the middle of the act and this should give you an idea of the general view of all ‘sane humanity’ on the act of watching pornography. By now, I know you agree with me, that pornography is frowned at by the human society, yes every single person brought to light by a father and mother. Pornography is a morally decayed act and watching it tags you as such, a morally decayed human. Is this what you want? No!

You see, we often quote to say “if you have to hide to do it, then don’t do it at all!” That’s a powerful statement, isn’t it? But the contrast of the issue is that, there exists a ‘few majority’ of some class of people who still believe pornography is not in itself bad, others claiming it is harmless as well.

Do you think so? That pornography is ‘OK’ and harmless? Well, think again, this time deeper, by reasoning. Fine, there are people who won’t care going public with the act of watching pornography and even will go extra miles to invite others to join in the act, shameless though! But ask yourself, ‘how does our society view such ones?’ Your answer is right, they are frowned at!

Still, others believe, those with age 18+ are free to visit ‘adult sites’ to watch pornography, really? No! Even married mates are not justified to watch pornography. What good reasons are there to believe pornography is bad and harmful?

First, in the case of single (unmarried) individuals, pornography sparks bad desires and feelings for sex. It ignites an uncontrolled sexual passion for people of the opposite sex, encourages lust and kills the inner capacity to naturally control our sexual urges. Yes, watching pornography inhibits man’s inner ability for self control. This is evident in most cases of sexual abuses including rape, child molestation and other forms of these negative practices.

Secondly, pornography encourages perverted sexual activities. Yes, pornographic motions include obscene sex practices which are unpractical in real life and even dangerous to married mates, health-wise. In most pornographic clips, dangerous practices including, but not limited to, anal sex, oral sex and other extreme sexual exploitations are displayed and portrayed as desirable and safe. However, such obscene displays are really harmful to human health. Naturally, they are unpractical and unsafe to do.

The funny aspect of the ‘whole show’ is how the clips seem to foster the idea that, sexual intercourse can last for minutes, than normal, even hours! How inhuman! The fact is that the clips are collections of short recordings combined as one continuous clip (how deceiving). This has led many people to adopt the practice of ‘boosting’ their sexual energy by using drugs to enhance the ‘power’ claiming it will propel them to make love for minutes more than what’s naturally normal. How deadly!

Thirdly, the practice of pornography kills marriages. Do I have to explain this one? Well, it’s more than obvious to note that those who unrepentantly engage in the act of pornography often develop sexual greediness. That is to say, they always focus on how to get themselves satisfied whatsoever the means without thinking about the feelings, and welfare of their mates.

For this reason, some mates who enjoy pornographic media are noted for over-exploring their mates sexually, based on what they’ve learnt from pornographic scenes, without considering the welfare of their spouses. Owing to this fact, most married couples have contrasting issues with sex. This leads to serious marital crisis which in most cases lead to breakdown of the marital bond resulting in unjustified divorce. Just in the name of watching obscene pornographic clips with perverted sexual displays? How shameful!

Further, most cases of laziness at work places are attributed to the practice of watching pornography. This is very true as the act projects unnecessary sexual desires. Too much of such desires affects the brain’s functionality, sex hormones, blood flow and other internal factors. As a result, this triggers abnormal functionalities of sex organs in some cases. People who get such experiences as a result of frequent viewing of pornography get virtually exhausted every moment of their time and play laziness at work places. In some extreme cases, such ones display poor intelligence. Very worrying!

More to that, there are cases of shamefulness as a result of watching pornography leading to emotional loads that result in depression. If correct steps are not taken to cure these effects, and fastly, suicide becomes the next option for such victims. How sad!

Convinced? Yes! Pornography is extremely harmful, so think again!

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Philemon O'Arpelleh

Philemon O'Arpelleh (Philarpy) is the Founder (CEO) of Oxelle Media. He is a young talented Professional Teacher, Tech Writer & works part time as a Graphics & Web Designer. Currently, he's working as a Web Designer @PMP. He simply loves Research & Publishing.

Mobile: (+233) 20 228 4040 (WhatsApp)
Email: philarpy@oxelle.com

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