So the crime that South Africans committed was to lynch foreigners in a bid to get rid of them from their system huh? Was that their crime? Was this the reason why some people in certain parts of the world lambasted the South Africans for being ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing? Wait, was this not the same incidence that got the Ghanaian media trending for almost a fortnight? I stand to be corrected though, but was not this same xenophobic attacks that made Ghanaians go haywire describing the attacks as inhumane, senseless, foolish, a breach of human rights and others which are not media-friendly, just because they had their relatives and loved ones residing and working in South Africa??

Xenophobic attacks are not to be tolerated in any way, they need to be condemned!! Yeah, we were quick to lambast them when the news broke to us. Cool deal! After all they were protecting their own, (or??…) unlike a country I know of. South Africans, you’re vindicated! You’re asking why? Why because a country was bent on breaking your record and they’ve sure done that in a frantic manner.

Against all the odds, GHANA, the supposedly peaceful country found specifically in the western part of Africa, has done and is doing what no one did (or will do). They are rather killing their own and ignoring the foreigners, who should’ve been their prime targets (that’s even when there’s a riot). They lynch their own seed to the extent that the seed becomes unrecognizable! They’ve vowed to support and vouch for the foreigners leaving their own to wallow in their nakedness.

They’ve become carnivorous and bloodthirsty ‘animals’, wiping out their own like they’re on a shooting spree. Could you imagine they managed to massacre an innocent soul like they were massacring a lion? You’re asking if he was a thief? Far from that, (ooh). With the way he was treated, I don’t think even a thief would have merited such a treatment.


I’m sad, I’ve cried enough but I will cry the more if our so-called ‘law’ doesn’t deal with them accordingly. The law has failed us for quite a while, we just pray it doesn’t fail us this time around, else it could be anything.

The Ghana you heard of, during the 1950s is not the same Ghana I’m describing to you now. The then peaceful country is now a country of ravenous beasts making us feel insecure even at our own backyard.

I wouldn’t want to spend much of your time, but one last thing, you people are way better than us. We’ve lost it totally! Do I consider migrating? As of now yes! Ghana is weeping, because a precious stone is lost. (Hmmm) I usually zip my mouth after writing such letters, but not today. Until the justice we seek is accorded us, I will not zip my mouth!


Your Pal,
Paa Kwesi Mensah (Moshoosho).


Paa Kwesi Mensah

Paa Kwesi Mensah is a product of the University of Cape Coast where he read Psychology.

His love for humanity and an intrinsic desire to impact positively on his generation were what led him into writing.
He's popularly known as "Moshoosho de Counsellor".


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