We often quote to say; “Prevention is better than cure”, but can I also say “protection is better than redemption?”

Well, this is especially useful when it comes to life on the internet―it’s always useful to use online resources to protect ourselves from the dangers imposed by the “bad guys” on the internet. Your Internet security should never be compromised.

In other to better understand me, let’s say the internet is an environment of human beings, a human community in this context, as it truly stands to be.

In every community of humans there always are friends and enemies, good people and the bad ones as well. Some well-wishers and bad-wishers are all mixed in the recipe of life and its activities. Some who always want to take advantage of others?

You see, you’ll never know there are people on the internet who always like to see others disadvantaged. People will just go the lengths to see other people suffer in one way or the other on the internet, the point is, they either want to set them on a humiliating platform or to shorten or end their cyber life.

You can be a victim to some of these people, so you need to take practical steps to do some prevention. And what are these steps? This article is related to all social sites but here, the emphasis is on Facebook.

  • Choose who you add as friends on social sites

There are a handful of people on the internet who like grains of sand, may be fine or coarse. People sign up for social sites usually with different names―not legal though. Some setup impersonated accounts to deceive others usually with the intention of taking advantage of other site users at the latter’s expense. A male can setup a female account and the versa. How can you ensure safety in this wise? Will you add anybody as a friend or follow them just because they have good-looking profile pictures or personal information that you are not sure is true?

Do you just accept requested invitations without checking for genuineness in the account profile of the requesting party? If you see a profile bearing the name and few details of a friend, please be sure they actually created it―you may want to call them or use their known email address to contact them for a confirmation. Always check the user’s page to make sure he is safe to add or accept as a friend, follower or following.

  • Set the right privacy options in your account section

Some social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others allow their registered users to set privacy options for being followed, adding as friends, who can comment on their posts. This is a useful way of helping the account users control their privacy preferences. You can use these options from the account section settings or individual posts settings to control your audience. One useful way to control your audience is to set an option to review things they tag you before allowing or disallowing them on your personal page or timeline.

Though not difficult to get started, you may still need assistance to configure such settings if you are not well familiar with these settings. I will cover a detailed article on getting yourself started with these account settings but before then, you may want to visit the help page for the particular social site (Facebook, precisely). Better still, if you need to cover these settings up instantaneously, use this email (ask@philarpy.com) or “Contact Us” section on this website to seek my immediate help. I care and will always act as early as possible.

  • Limit the audience for your post using advance options

Do not permit anybody to access your posts, updates and responses. Using the advance account privacy options mentioned earlier in this article, set the right target audience―those who can see, like and comment on you updates, shared or those you are tagged; best of these are your confirmed friends.

Although your post may be set by default to be displayed to friends only, you may want to double check the audience type before hitting the post button.

  • Review tagged posts before allowing or disallowing them on your page (timeline)

While some friends will be caring enough to share with you educative and interesting “stuffs” on your timeline by tagging you (connecting your profile and timeline to the post they want to share with you), the bad folks will selfishly tag you with useless often morally degrading “stuffs”. Unless you have set up a Facebook timeline review, tagged posts will automatically be posted to your timeline. If a good folk should see such things, what will be their impression about you?

Be sure to control what appears on your timeline; take a review before allowing or disallowing them to keep your timeline clean. It’s worth your respect, trust and security. Be sure to submit any post you find disturbing (pictures, videos featuring immorality) to Facebook for review.

  • Block them, if they deserve

Are they persistently threatening your online security? Do they keep on spamming you even after several cautioning? Are they tagging you with pornographic or other morally decayed posts? Then it’s time to block them, it’s worth it. Use the Facebook option to block somebody you no longer want them to get involved with you.

Please be informed that, blocked contacts;

  • Will be unfriended
  • Won’t be able to see your profile information, even if they searched you on Facebook.
  • Won’t be able to contact you, via messenger on Facebook.

Only will they be able to contact you back if you unblocked them, you will have to be friends again (by request and confirmation).

This Article is part of the Series: “Be Smart On The Internet” Click to Read More.

Philemon O'Arpelleh

Philemon O'Arpelleh (Philarpy) is the Founder (CEO) of Oxelle Media. He is a young talented Professional Teacher, Tech Writer & works part time as a Graphics & Web Designer. Currently, he's working as a Web Designer @PMP. He simply loves Research & Publishing.

Mobile: (+233) 20 228 4040 (WhatsApp)
Email: philarpy@oxelle.com

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