Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men (Proverbs 22:29). In the history of the bible, there was no virtue spoken about so well as putting one on a higher pedestal as was said about DILIGENCE.

According to the English dictionary, “It is the conscientiousness in paying proper attention to task; giving the degree of care required in a given situation “. Simply, if you practice diligence, you are a hard and careful worker. Does it suggest that just being hardworking is not enough to be successful? No! But diligence makes success look so easy and stress free.

With its definition in mind, maybe these examples will make us understand diligence the better.

A teacher may be hardworking, going every length just to make sure his students get the best out of education. Such a teacher will only achieve his goal if he critically pay particular attention to the entering behaviour (the knowledge base) of his students, know what to teach and how teach it, when to say what and how, and ultimately when to reinforce and when not to. The moment such a teacher takes into consideration the aforementioned factors, the teaching becomes so easy because he’ll be hitting the right buttons at the right time. This is what we call DILIGENCE!

Again, someone who calls herself a Christian and still struggles to serve her God, lags behind in the supposed blessings God has in store for all His followers hence living in poverty, is not a diligent Christian. A diligent Christian wouldn’t struggle to serve her God, she is not easily tossed to and fro by any wind of doctrine, moreover such a person enjoys every bit of blessings said about her in the Bible.

A diligent Christian pays attention to every detail in the bible, is committed to applying it to his/her life and allows God to take full control over his/her life. Same can be said about a DILIGENT Muslim!

Furthermore, a diligent student is a highly successful student in that, he/she knows when to study, how to study, what to study, the materials needed for studying, and also the kind of friends needed to keep up with his/her studies. Such a student is always topping in class to the amazement of his/her colleagues.

Finally, in marriage. A diligent husband/wife is one who consciously studies the other partner, gets to know his/her likes, knows what to say, how to say it, and the medium with which it must be said. Such a spouse does not easily step on the foot of the partner. A marriage is destined for greatness.

Humans aside, an animal example of diligence is the BEE! It’s through diligence that this small member is able to fetch humanity the only natural sweetener and a proven substitute of sugar, HONEY. Mr Bee is well aware of the end result of what he’s doing and thus will be consciously committed to it. Today honey sells and is much more expensive than sugar just because of the work involved! Diligence!

Diligence, as examined from human to animal perspectives is a constant and consistent practice of consciousness to get a task done. As a worker, student, husband or any other person, it’s only through diligence that you’ll chalk immeasurable successes in your chosen field with such ease.

Diligence encompasses/transcends every bit of our lives, so as we go about our normal life’s endeavours, let’s make it a MUST to be diligent so as to make things easy for us.

Diligence makes life easy….so be diligent today to save yourself the hassles and tussles of tomorrow! (I zip my mouth).



Paa Kwesi Mensah

Paa Kwesi Mensah is a product of the University of Cape Coast where he read Psychology.

His love for humanity and an intrinsic desire to impact positively on his generation were what led him into writing.
He's popularly known as "Moshoosho de Counsellor".


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