Drawing inspirations from Manasseh Azure’s ‘The Cheetahs of Every Generation’, it wouldn’t have come any better than this. Of a surety every generation has got not less than two categories of people, the fast runners and the slow runners. Both groups are in competition with others for the ultimate crown in the race of life.

Prior to the ‘D-day’, the news of the all new athletic competition in the animal kingdom was circulating on social media and other tabloids. Monkey, the publication officer, together with his team worked hard to hype the competition. In the history of the animals kingdom, no competition has got such a hype than this one.

The day finally came with all the athletes lined up and warming up for the race. They were all gunning for the ultimate trophy. About thirty (30) contestants from different families and backgrounds were all in fine shape and good to go. Mr Tortoise, to the surprise of many was also in line to compete. He was a laughingstock to many, because they thought it was a total waste of time and resources.

The mockery did not deter Mr Tortoise from competing even when his wife had asked him to pull out. It was a 1000m race and sooner than expected, the start-up gun was shot for the race to begin! The cheetah, being the fastest animal on earth, with more over five (5) minutes into the race had already clocked 600m out of the 1000m. After finishing the race with a record breaking time, he decided to check on his friend, Mr. Tortoise. To cheetah’s amazement, tortoise had not even made 50m in ten (10) minutes, and cheetah, who had won the race was sad that his friend was lagging behind.

Mr. Tortoise, after realising that his friend pitied him had this to say. “My friend, I was well aware of my situation but still opted to compete. Undoubtedly it’s a race, but I’m in a race of my own. I’m only competing with myself, even though it’s a competition with others. I’m not perturbed about the pace with which I race with because there’s one thing I know and I’m convinced with, if I don’t stop moving, no matter the days it takes me, I’ll get it to the finishing line. For you, you’ve got fast feet that’s how come you’re able to do what you do. But for me, my shell even weigh me down, hence my slowness. Remember, slow motion is better than no motion”.

The cheetah, who was moved by the words of the tortoise decided to walk with him to the finishing line.

Life does not reward those who run fast, but rather those who race to the finishing line. Never be envious of others if you see them make it in life earlier than you do because if you don’t stop moving, you’ll also get there. Some people are at the top because they were born into rich families, so just like the cheetah, their progress will be quicker than yours.

Never wish to be someone else, for by so doing, you’ll lose your value and forget the person you want to be. Always be in motion for your slowest motion is highly preferable to no motion. Are you one of the tortoises of our generation? Never lose hope for your sturdy progression will be rewarded in due time. (I zip my mouth)!



Paa Kwesi Mensah

Paa Kwesi Mensah is a product of the University of Cape Coast where he read Psychology.

His love for humanity and an intrinsic desire to impact positively on his generation were what led him into writing.
He's popularly known as "Moshoosho de Counsellor".

Email: kwesmens@oxelle.com

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