I-GAL-A-SEY (pronounced: ai-ga-la-sei)

Man of dust

I am clayey right from my fragile heart to my crust

I am created to last;

Last until the elephantine oceans have become wells left behind by ant heel thrusts.

So, I can not pretend,

I can not pretend not to see the dead end

That lies at the very genesis of my prime.



I-gal-a-sey that my world is nigh death than life,

And, Drought, stale of a wife,

Doesn’t mind plunging her fist into my chest, and splitting them into halves, like with a knife.

This is my matrimonial strife,

And, I wake up to each morning in broken fragments.


I-gal-a-sey to the hypocrites that pretend to share my plight:

They don’t have the moral right!


But, we’re all in this Titanic;

Sooner, we shall sink,

But not drown. At rock bottoms, our bodies shall clink.

And, our parts shall fall apart faster than our wink.

That’s why I-gal-a-sey:

Because, I am not just an artful piece from clay.

Clay is, but a fraction, against the 2/3rds of water in my body that postpones my decay.

Water must be life, to constitute 71% of my earth’s space.

So please, I will rather give dead ears to whatever profits the destruction of the body of water pays.

Because, the day the last drop of water evaporates,

The clouds shall spell: End OF THE HUMAN RACE.



Popularly known as Giov'Honey, N. Charles Evans, is one of Ghana's finest writers with focus on impacting positively.

He holds many outstanding titles to his name with a well recognized reputation in the writing space. He's aspiring to be one of the world's best writers.

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