Nobody opted for an activity status; if you are active, or when you were last active but Instagram just enabled that in your default settings! This lets people peek on you and your online activity on the social media platform, Instagram.

It appears Facebook is assimilating the same features into all its messaging platforms; Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and now Instagram. Yes, from the direct messages screen, people you follow or have previously chatted with can now see when you were last active on Instagram (when you last used the app, so to speak) or if you are currently active or online.

However, just like WhatsApp, you can disable this option if you are sure nobody needs to see your activity status or if you don’t want to see that of the people you follow. This new option is added to the Instagram settings, probably as a testing feature for some users mostly on the Android and iOS platforms. The activity status is enabled by default in your Instagram settings labelled “Show Activity Status” which can be toggled off. However, just like that of WhatsApp, you won’t see that of others if you toggle yours off.

Though read receipts are strictly enabled in direct messaging on both Messenger and Instagram, however, unlike Messenger which gives you no option to hide your active status (last seen, to be precise), Instagram allows you that option just as WhatsApp does.

Of course nobody told instagram to enable that creepy settings, so if you need to turn yours off just as many other users, follow the screenshots below.

Tap the menu at the top of your profile page (indicated by three vertical dots)

In your settings interface, scroll down to “Show Activity Status” and toggle the option off and that’s all.


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