With the New WhatsApp update, group administrators have more powerful control over group activities and setting up of privileges for other members in the group, including but not limited to sub-administrators, just to put it in another way. This has been made possible by the new group features presented in the latest WhatsApp update. According to a recent blog post on the official blog page of WhatsApp, the Facebook aquired App.

The update, which was posted on the 15th of May, gave a highlight of the major update that empowers group administrators on WhatsApp, especially those who originally created the group. Included in the updates are; Group Descriptions, Admin Control, Group Catch Up as well as Participant Search. The new update also comes with a feature that allow group administrators to remove admin permissions of other group participants. As if that is not enough, another powerful core feature introduced in WhatsApp groups is made evident in the case where group creators can no longer be removed (by other privileged Admins) from the group they started (Wow!).

And finally, a high-geared security feature was also considered worthy of inclusion. The WhatsApp blog added to the same note: “We’ve also introduced protection so users can’t be repeatedly added to groups they’ve left. These features are available for Android and iPhone users today. We hope you enjoy these new updates!

And that’s all for the recent update to the App that billions enjoy on the world’s leading mobile platforms; iOS, Android and maybe Windows, but later. We look forward to hearing from you, how you will be enjoying these core updates for WhatsApp groups.

Hey, Wait! Are you a WhatsApp Group Admin? Add your voice to this page, by writing in the comment box, how this new feature will better help you to control your group activities in your “eAdministration” (just allow me to put it that way!).

Philemon O'Arpelleh

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