Bold, Italics And A Strike Through Feature In An Updated WhatsApp

A recent Update of the best messaging App, WhatsApp added more than three great features to the App apart from the recent major upgrade of document transmission support and the end-to-end encryption security.

This really sounds cool! I’ll cover the features and how to use them in short but before I do, let me tell you why WhatsApp will continue to be the world’s favorite messaging App that has come to run ahead of traditional mobile messaging Apps and other related ones.

One of the reasons why we love WhatsApp is not because of its wide use in the community of free messaging Apps, but the fact that there is always a pack of great features added to the App within the short possible moments in the history of smart Apps, and to me, it’s obvious the geeks around WhatsApp, the technical team (developers) are doing very great work and need to be commended.

You better help them if you rate WhatsApp the maximum number of stars on a featuring App Store. I hope you’ll see the good reasons why I rate them ***** (5 Stars)! With your Android 2.3 and higher, you are good to go. (Android 2.1 and 2.2 are going to be wiped off in the list of WhatsApp supported devices in early 2017)

And now the NEW features of the latest WhatsApp for Android:

  1. 1. Apply the following formatting to WhatsApp message text fonts
  • Bold: to apply bold, insert the target text items into a double asterisks (star). Example *Philarpy* will give Philarpy
  • Italics: to apply italics, insert the target text items into a double underscore. Example _Online_ will give Online
  • Strike through: to strike through text items, insert the target text items into a double tilde. Example ~Philarpy Online~ will strike a line through the text, as in: Philarpy Online.
  1. 2. Extra features
  • Reply to messages quickly right from notifications.
  • Pick from a set of solid colors for chat  wallpaper allowing for easy identification of multiple chats.
  • A quick camera button in a chat allows to pick a photo or video from a camera roll when tapped.
  • Mark and delete, mute or archive multiple chat

UPDATE your Android WhatsApp App to the latest to enjoy the newly added features! You can use the link here >>Update | Download<< (For Android On Google Play Store)

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Philemon O'Arpelleh

Philemon O'Arpelleh (Philarpy) is the Founder (CEO) of Oxelle Media. He is a young talented Professional Teacher, Tech Writer & works part time as a Graphics & Web Designer. Currently, he's working as a Web Designer @PMP. He simply loves Research & Publishing.

Mobile: (+233) 20 228 4040 (WhatsApp)

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