I think the Ghanaian graduate is not ready to be employed and does not deserve to be employed. You may not exactly be happy with my assertion, but I’m much more unhappy about it, so hold back the urge to crucify me before hearing my argument.

To begin with, it is glare that we’re products of a system that emphasizes theory over application and memorization over creativity. So, easily, we make ‘the system’ the butt of our grievance and accusation. Yes, obviously, if the education system encouraged us to be more innovative, creative and critical thinkers, then I could vouch everyone of us would graduate from school with a business idea to implement, a novel object to invent, and maybe, find a solution to one of the nation’s eminent crises. ‘So, you see, it not us, it’s the system.’ So, I decided to look ‘System’ up in the English Dictionary (v3.1), and it explained as a collection of organised things; a whole composed of relationships among its members. E.g. the solar system, education system.

Now, let’s consider this, if the solar system comprises the heavens with other bodies, such as, planets, the school could be in a sense the heavens and students, say, planets. In this regard, then, ostensibly, our complaint about the education system is a complaint about ourselves.

I remember how we used to fume when the examination questions required us to ANALYSE; CRITICALLY EXAMINE etc. Such questions demanded so much thinking, thus, we concluded the exam was difficult and the lecturer ‘killer’. On the contrary, we made some of our highest marks and our best grades when the quiz had questions like: Freud’s Psychosexual theory comprises fives stages which are:…(Yes, there! Then, kpakpa)…Answer: Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latent, and Genital stages. Maybe, even define ‘libido’ voluntarily to appreciate the lecturer for the pasco. Fill-ins are bae, ain’t it? And, that’s my point.

We’re also culprits of the system that reinforces theory, memorization, and chew-pour-pass-forget. So, if we’ll honestly testify, we did very little thinking throughout the 4years in school, right? Thus, why we’re not ready and don’t deserve employment, because the job market requires people who can diagnose and analyse problems and find solutions to them, and not merely ones who know the theories about the problem, but not the remedies.

Well, let’s say the affinity for this path of easy resistance was part of the school culture and we had to comply in order to decorate our transcripts. What about now that we’re graduates, with no first class to strive for and no clock ticking down on us? We should think. Now, we have come to meet a corporate world that has no room for our calibre, so we should think. Reality has dawned that the world is cruel if you’re unemployed so we should think. The government has reneged on fulfilling his part of the deal after we’ve been 4 years in hell preparing for a heaven out here, so we should think. But, NO! ‘Why put your fragile brains through torture?’

And, it was this kind of question that birthed the prestigious Unemployed Graduates Association of Ghana (UGAG). Mission and Vision: To protest for our birth right and a fair share of the national cake, by perpetually bugging the government until there are enough jobs for everyone. Right there! An exposition of our lack of thinking, and more the reason we’re not ready and deserving of employment. So, what if instead of UGAG, we had GIANTS: Graduate Innovators, Activists and Nationals Thinking Solutions which would focus on bringing together unemployed graduates to think ideas, think solutions and think of ruling their futures rather than waiting on government. I’m optimistic, besides delivering us all from evil, this association would have been a ‘to-go-to’ when employers sought human resources.

The devil has employed more idle minds than the governments in our country can in scores of centuries. How many WhatsApp groups are you in at the moment? I’ve lost count of mine, because its proliferation is as though there is an Unemployed Graduates Association of WhatsApp Group Developers and their products are new every morning. GREAT IS THEIR USELESSNESS. From KG1 Mates Reunion where nobody recognises somebody to Inspirational Corners that specialises in trending jokes about ‘Chameleon Angels’ and pasco to NSS Cape Coast that’s specifically for political agenda.

Well, they don’t so much bother me since they are muted and I only visit them intermittently to fish out some good quotes from the ocean of 1001 emoji’s, Lols, ‘You fool’ posts. It begs the question, couldn’t the budding psychologist (for purposes of affiliation) have used those non-renewable time resource to examine and debate the psychological affect of some of these events on society, mentally examine some of these people and suggested interventions where the need be? No. That would require us to think and thinking is difficult so we would rather scoff and mock while we await for the Mental Health Bill to be passed after which we shall be employed. I’m sorry. We don’t deserve it, neither are we ready.

See, it is one thing having a CV and a certificate that speaks on your behalf when you can’t realistically defend either of them, and another thing having a track record of initiatives, innovations, write-ups, discussions and situational analyses on trending subjects. If we shall rightly focus our energies at purposeful and meaningful pursuits, I bet we don’t need a CV. The best CVs I’ve seen have not been in files, but a timeline of conscientious initiatives and innovations.

I’ve seen people like Jonathan Ayertey, Bernard Tawiah, Albert Kusi land themselves job offers without a call for their CVs because their names came highly recommended for their thinking skills.

Nonetheless, not all of us are not ready and undeserving of employment. As I log on here each day I see some crops of deviants who choose to defy the status quo by thinking and analysing, thinking and innovating, thinking and initiating, thinking and criticising, thinking and writing. Samuel Gyekye Mensah, Isaac Opoku Mensah, Mainprice Essuman, Abena Kay Yiadom, Gombilla Tofic Tofic Poet, Citizen Barnabas DeGrapht Johnson, Kwadwo Awortey, Joey Sarpong, Sarfo-Kantanka Kwabena, Derrick Tsorme, Isaac Boakye, Isaac Clad, Prince K. Osei Tutu, Quaysi Sarkodie Brobbey, Nana Adu Appiah, Maxwell Gyamera, A A Henry Snr et al.

It’s 21st century and employers have passed sourcing for employees just by interviews. They know CVs are meticulously written and edited until flawless, so the best CVs we can have now is how we use Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram to think and affect society. You can’t expect to be on the table of men when you’re not bring anything to the table. (You Are Made For More, And That’s Why  I Love You Without Fullstop).


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