Data storage has become part of our daily life in this age of modernization and technological advancement. And the easiest and efficient way to do this is through computers and related technologies. However, we must admit the fact that saving data (information) alone is not all what it takes to keep it forever! Yes, data saved is not the same as data secured. This means saving data (or information) also requires some level of security.

What then is a secured data?

A secured data is any data that is kept out of any threat, physical or electronic damage and is always available when needed by its keeper. This means any data that is said to be secured should be kept away from corruption and any third party who may intend to steal it possibly with the intention of using it in any way or possibly destroying it. Hence storing data with the intention of accessing it in the future is different from securing data for future use.

Data may be saved in so many ways, from local storage to remote storage, offline to online storage, personal to cloud among many others. Regardless of the method adopted to store data, there’s always a way and a need to keep it secured. Even the least important personal information stored should never be underestimated when it comes to data security. If stored data gets to the hands of the wrong person, or possibly the unintended group, bad things could happen as you never know what could be done with it.

Plus there are always people who are looking to steal data. It could be any information about a cooperate organization, a business group, a company, an industry or even an individual just to play a dirty game―gaining at the expense of the victim! The truth is, getting a sensitive data from an individual that belongs to a group or cooperate body can just be enough to rob the entire group. And this should never be underestimated or taken on a lighter consideration.

More in the news―account (data) breaches

Recently, one of the largest tech writing group, TechCrunch was said to have been hacked and the news suggested this was possible due to the hacker gaining access to a contributing writer’s account based on a weaker password the latter used. Yahoo was hacked, Go To My PC users’ account information were stolen, some twitter accounts were hacked. Plus numerous major and minor site attacks recorded over the past years.

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