In an era where technology seems to simplify almost everything, activities on the go have become and will continue to be the ‘order of the day’. Powerful inventions, advance tools among others have made life a bit easier. Sharing has never been easier in the old ages but now. In our modern history of web-based sharing, everything fall on the tips of the hands of the vast majority of modern folks, especially the young ones so to speak.

Technology has really ‘done some’. We are now in a world where interacting, publishing, connecting and reacting have become ‘those things’ that take little or no effort at all to see them achieved unlike the days of our ‘elderly fellows’. And that they say, collectively, is called Social Media?

Well, the term Social Media means a lot than just a compounded word: Social Media = Social + Media? No it goes far, there’s more to it than what you know or thought. What then is Social Media?

Social Media

Social Media can be redefined as ‘Social Mediums’. Social has to do with communities, both virtual and real, that foster introductions and connections between people of related or different profiles (backgrounds). By this meaning, the term ‘Social’ engulfs the scope of communication or interactions between people. The means of communication may include shared activities or resources in a given environment. As such, ‘Social Interactions’, as an activity, goes through a particular means, resource or channel. This idea of channel brings about the word ‘Medium’.

This means a ‘Social Channel’ is a ‘Social Medium’. Hence a social ‘means of’ (communication). Such social channels may include networks, computer based applications and related online resources when we describe them in the scope of technology. These technological mediums are computer-mediated, that is to say they go via ( or by means of) connections (including the Internet) between computers.

There is a hand-ful of social channels (media resources), but the vast majorities in our modern age are internet-powered. As such, when we make mention of ‘Social Media’ these days, we mean “Interactive forms of media that allow users to communicate with and publish to each other, generally by means of the Internet”.

The mention of ‘interactive forms’ and ‘communicate’ (communication) brings the idea of sharing. Sharing includes exchange of resources (texts, media files) between friends. Text-based messages, photos, videos, audios and other shareable digital documents are the main means of communication on social media. ‘Create, Post, Like, Comment and Share’ become the tasks of the day on social media and we love to engage in the fun as it goes to the ‘world’.

But wait, what is the modern Trend of sharing?

The Social Media Trend

All the folks on social media love to share and interact. As social media become more interesting, people may be caught in a particular tradition, the modern trend of sharing! The word ‘Trend’ has something to do with an ‘inclination in a particular direction’, a ‘style of’. So then, what’s the direction of modern social media sharing? What’s the style of publishing?

Well, you’ll agree with me that ‘they say’: “expression without impression is depression”. Funny as it seems, people always want to impress without caring about the style of impression and the outcome. The fact is, sometimes our impressions to people can be depressions to us. When the sharing goes wrong, it becomes a depression. Yes, when the impression goes wrong, it becomes a depression.

The young ones these days, my peers, love to share anything, (my mention of ‘anything’ actually goes with ‘anything’) just in the name of fame and celebration. They love to copy the lifestyle of those they see in the movies and those so-called celebrities they see in the magazines. Dressing half naked to expose the so-called ‘vital parts’. This has been the order of the day. Modern young ladies post nude photos and videos in imitating their favorite celebrities just to catch the attention of their peers.

Modern young ladies want to be the first among their peers to adopt western style of dressing, those portrayed by the celebrities they follow. In the days of our old folks, women respected their ‘bodies’. Women had dignity for real style. Women dressed to cover their vital parts. Women never exposed their breasts, butts, waist, belly and ties. That’s what we call style, yes real style. Dignified style and respect for womanhood.

What of the social media guys? The men on social media? Our hair cut, the shirts we wear, the pants we wear, whatever we put on and whatever we put up. My peers call it ‘swag’, dressing with modern style. Wearing pulled down pants. Putting on tightening shirts. Some love oversized shirts and pants (shorts and trousers), and they call that one swag too?

In fact, social media sharing has destroyed our rich culture. Social media sharing has destroyed the dignity of the modern lady, yes the modern woman has destroyed her womanhood all in the name of impressing her social media friends and followers. Is this what social media was meant to be? Is this what social media is going to be?

Do we need to exchange our respect and dignity for likes, wows, comments and shares? Remember, “what goes on social media, the internet, always remain there”. In the near or far future, what you put there today will haunt you. It will forever follow you. Somebody will use it against you. Once you post it, all in the name of impressing your friends and followers, somebody somewhere who doesn’t care about you will grab a hold of it, keep it and use it against you in the future.

A time will come for you to realize your aims and aspirations. When the time comes for you to aspire for that position or high office, when the time comes for you to pursue your political ambitions, that ‘somebody who was somewhere watching and never cared about you’ will now ‘care about you’, yes they will actually use it against you.

Don’t allow your past to haunt you in the future. You deserve better than that. Before you hit the share button, pause, think and reflect! Yes, reflect on what you current action could cause you in the near or far future.

Be wise, reflect before you post! My friend, Paa Kwesi Mensah, will say “I Zip My Mouth” ?.

Philemon O'Arpelleh

Philemon O'Arpelleh (Philarpy) is the Founder (CEO) of Oxelle Media. He is a young talented Professional Teacher, Tech Writer & works part time as a Graphics & Web Designer. Currently, he's working as a Web Designer @PMP. He simply loves Research & Publishing.

Mobile: (+233) 20 228 4040 (WhatsApp)

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