It’s now easier to see which messages; text, photos or videos were directly shared (forwarded) from other users to you in a WhatsApp chat. This has been made possible due to a recent ‘tweak’ in the WhatsApp messenger app. This feature adds a small label called ‘Forwarded‘ to the upper left side of the particular message(s) directly shared from other users without an edit. Find an example in the screenshot below:

You may ask why WhatsApp decided to roll out this update to the features of their messenger app? Well, an official update on the WhatsApp Blog has this to say:

“This extra context will help make one-on-one and group chats easier to follow. It also helps you determine if your friend or relative wrote the message they sent or if it originally came from someone else. To see this new forwarded label, you need to have the latest supported version of WhatsApp on your phone.” (Bold by us for highlighting purpose).

So, as explained above, the feature was added to help the recipient know if a message was originally written or shared by the sender in a chat. This is especially useful to users who want to know where messages appear to come from in WhatsApp groups. However I have an issue with this feature as it doesn’t actually helps in some instances especially because WhasApp claims it’s another way to help users detect fake news and help fight spam. So my issue is, what if a user copies the single text message, download the photo or video and then post them back to the intended users or target groups? You may think that’s a tedious job but trust me, some of us are capable of doing it.

Now, your turn though, let us know how you feel about this feature and feel free to SHARE this article.

Philemon O'Arpelleh

Philemon O'Arpelleh (Philarpy) is the Founder (CEO) of Oxelle Media. He is a young talented Professional Teacher, Tech Writer & works part time as a Graphics & Web Designer. Currently, he's working as a Web Designer @PMP. He simply loves Research & Publishing.

Mobile: (+233) 20 228 4040 (WhatsApp)

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